Our Mission

The purpose of Planet Earth Ministries (PEM) is to carry out the commission of Jesus Christ, who commanded His followers to go into the world and make disciples of all people. In fulfilling the plan to evangelize the lost, believers will be encouraged and built up in the faith. Growing in relationship to God through understanding the Word of God will lead to spiritual maturity and strengthening of the local church.

PEM affirms a rather unique set of features that distinguishes itself from other ministries by maintaining a high view of both science and Scripture. Understanding the workings of the natural world and its interrelationship with the inspired biblical text is consistent with the character of God. He is the single divine source, making Himself known in the progressive acts of creation and through personal revelation.

Commitment to engagement by way of both science and Scripture will gain the listening ear and increase confidence in the truth of the Bible. The goal of PEM is to communicate relevant biblical theology in a kind and gentle manner. In dialogue, people will observe one's attitude and demeanor, as well listen to ideas. Be ready to give an accounting of your faith with gentleness, reverence and a clear conscious (1 Peter 3:15-16).